Ford Capri RS3100

Well here is how the last offering from Aveley the RS3100 was announced to the press on 8th November 1973: PRESS RELEASE


Ford Advanced Vehicle Operations will unveil a new 125-mph high-performance model of the Capri at the 1973 Scottish Motor Show which will be opened by world champion driver Jackie Stewart at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, on Friday November 9th.

The Capri RS3100 will be sold only by Ford Rallye Sport Dealers in Great Britain and is based on the Capri 3000GT. It features a special gas flowed 3.1 litre V6 engine, a dual circuit braking system with ventilated front wheel disc brakes, four halogen headlamps, wide alloy sports road wheels, competition developed suspension and, for added high-speed directional stability, an air dam mounted beneath the front quarter bumpers and a prominent rear end spoiler mounted onto the boot lid.

3.1 litre V6 Engine
In its 3.1 litre form, the Ford V6 engine develops 148 bhp at 5500 rpm and gives the new Capri RS3100 a maximum speed in excess of 125 mph. The additional displacement of the new engine has been achieved by increasing the cylinder bores by 0.060”. Power output has been further boosted by paying particular attention to the engine’s gas flow and hand finishing both the inlet and exhaust ports. For ready identification the new 3.1 litre V6 engine’s valve covers are painted in a distinctive blue.

Ventilated Disc Brakes
To cater for its increased performance, the new Capri features a dual-circuit braking system with servo-assisted 9.75” diameter ventilated front wheel disc brakes and 9” diameter by 2.25” wide drums at the rear. The entire system is self-adjusting.

Competition Suspension
The lowered and stiffened competition-developed suspension provides exceptional handling, yet still retains a good level of ride. Special gas/oil filled shock absorber units are used at both the front and rear, and relocated track control arms give front wheel negative camber. At the rear, single leaf springs replace the usual multi-leaf layouts of other models in the Capri range.

Distinctive Body Style
The front wheel arches of the Capri RS3100 are specially flared to accommodate the 6” wide rim alloy sports wheels, which are fitted with high speed radial ply tyres. Other distinctive body features include the four halogen headlamp system and a refinement of an air dam mounted beneath the front quarter bumpers and a large rear end spoiler which is mounted onto the boot lid. The adoption of body spoilers at both front and rear not only assist the new Capri’s directional stability but also its maximum speed.
The front quarter bumpers, the full width rear bumper, both the front and rear end spoilers, the boot lid and the rear aeroflow extractor vents are finished in black. There is a choice of seven distinctive body colours, including one metallic finish. All models have a unique gold body coachline together with matching bonnet and rear end decals.

Black Interior
A padded sports safety wheel and static seat belts are offered as standard equipment and the interior of all Capri RS3100’s is finished in black vinyl. The comprehensive instrumentation set in a matt black padded facia panel includes a speedometer, with odometer and trip recorder, tachometer, an ammeter and gauges for oil pressure, water temperature and fuel.

The close ratio four speed all syncromesh gearbox is controlled by a short floor mounted lever and there is no option of automatic transmission.

Although the new Capri RS3100 has been designed, developed and will be marketed by Ford Advanced Vehicle Operations, the new model will be built in the Ford plant Halewood on Merseyside together with all other Capri’s produced in Britain.

Display at Kelvin Hall
The new Capri RS3100 will be displayed in a special hall of honour at Kelvin Hall alongside the 1973 Tyrrell Ford which Jackie Stewart drove to gain his third World Championship victory. As part of his new responsibility as consultant at Ford, Jackie Stewart will be involved in further development of the new Capri.

Recommended maximum retail price for the Capri RS3100 is as follows:
Price Car Tax V.A.T. Total
RS3100 £2026.45 £166.86 £219.33 £2412.64
The price quoted is the recommended price, which includes delivery to Ford Rallye Sport Dealers in Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland).